Photography & me.

What’s up everyone? My name is Mario and I’m an 18-years-old Spanish based creator. Since I was pretty young I’ve been keen on creating stuff (from weird-unuseful-machines to short-films and all sort of websites, apps and so), and now that time has passed I’m trying to focus myself into filmmaking and photography as main part of the career I want to develop.

Photography, as well as filmmaking, is definitely one of the things I love and enjoy doing the most of my entire life. It's just the greatest way ever to express what you feel without words needed.

I actually do tons of photography and a fair part of them is displayed in my Instagram feed. I'm usually into keeping it up to date with a cool looking and also a huge variety of styles. I'm one of those who loves experimenting and trying new stuff, and I believe this is also represented on my photography and videography work.

Therefore, if you want to take a look to my portfolio, it's as easy as going to my IG profile (I know this is probably not the perfect way to showcase myself professionally but it is easier for everyone).

And you know, feedback is always great for growing up as a creator (wink wink).

Enjoy it! ;)

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